Release Notes 2022.09.23
Here's a look at the most recent improvements and fixes 👇
  • Updated to the latest version of React Native 0.69.5
  • The Variables modal is now larger
  • Refine the Dashboard layout and improve the focus of the navigation to make things better organized and easier to find
  • Update Screen Variable panel to only scroll the list of variables
  • Various performance optimizations to speed up operations in the Builder
  • Enable POST on Fetch Component
  • When you change a value in a Conditional Display configuration, the other values are no longer reset
  • Addressed an issue where some apps got in a state which prevented new components from being added to screens
  • Endpoint body validation message is now green instead of black
  • Deep-linked screens can now accept more than one parameter
  • Adding too many screens to a tab nav won't break your app anymore
Draftbit Preview App (Open Beta)
Hey Everyone!
We're excited to share more about the new Draftbit Preview app today. While we've had an alpha version in the works, we're now moving this app into open beta for use by anyone.
You can get the app from the app stores using the links below:
You can use this Draftbit Preview app as a replacement for the Expo Go app -- use this app to preview your Draftbit apps while you build on your local device.
Why would you want to do this? For one main reason: to access a larger set of libraries and features. First, using this app allows you to test and preview Deep Linking in your app. Second, when using this app, you can add the following libraries to your app and test/preview your progress while you build:
  • Amplitude
  • Apple Auth
  • Expo Authentication
  • Expo Sharing
  • Expo Sensors
  • Expo Task Manager
  • Lottie
  • Stripe
  • Segment
  • Sentry
  • Sqlite
  • Stream Chat
  • Shopify Flashlist
  • Revenuecat (via Expo Purchases)
  • Victory Charts
To utilize these libraries in your app, you'll still need to add them as custom packages. And package versions definitely matter, so we've our docs to include recommended package versions. You can check it out here.
And once you've added the packages, you'll still need to do the work to implement the features and functionality you need, likely via custom code or custom functions, for now. We hope to bring these types of functionality into Draftbit in the future -- but for now they are available via custom code. And like everything custom code, the nuances of your particular implementation may not be something we can support.
This new app is available in the app stores -- but we consider this an Open Beta! If you have issues using this app, please let us know. If you would like additional libraries or SDKs to be considered for inclusion, we'd love to hear what you're looking for (both the library and the use case, please).
New Starter App - CourseCast
CourseCast features a dark theme that's a perfect starting place for a video platform.
Or, you could just use it to get a better understanding of how UIs are built in Draftbit.
We'll have Example Screens available for each of the screens in this new app coming soon.
You can check it out, along with our other Starter Apps, from the Dashboard.
🌎 Global Functions and Action Logging
Stay DRY and get better insights into your Action Stack. Read more...
🎬 New Actions: Select File and Show Alert!
We just rolled out two new Actions.
👋 Video Chat Optimized WebView
WebView is now optimized for embedded video chat.
🤖 Improved Transform Functions
You can now pass multiple arguments to Transform Functions. Read more...
🗺 Maps are Here!
We've added new no-code map-related goodies.
📱New System Variables: Is Online, Is Android, Is iOS...
We recently added some new super-handy System Variables!
🥌 Improved JSON Data Handling
Now you can use JSON data stored in App and Device variables! Read more...
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