The ability to globally supply a /graphql endpoint for the entire app could be the ultimate missing link here.
GraphQL Yoga (Apollo) is exposing a query named "IntrospectionQuery" this could be where you can receive the schema.
Once you have the Schema of the GraphQL server, all the different elements you add to your views would no longer be empty text fields and areas. There now would be a query / attribute selection available as the data source for each element.
This feature would not only allow developers to build out a full featured app in hours, but the everyday non-technical user could build an app for any service that supports GraphQL with a click of a button.
As a business, this could also be the answer to deploying apps straight from DraftBit. The ability to have real data wired up without ever pulling down the code with a single click deploy button would be extremely valuable.
There is also services that are already supporting GraphQL APIs for third party services (
Being able to support multiple APIs in a single app would be extremely valuable for aggregation and integration apps.